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Licensed Practical Nurse
Title:Licensed Practical Nurse
Wage: DOE

Hours:   Monday - Friday: 7:45AM - 4:15PM
*On call per rotation 

General Description of the Position:

Facilitates initial and ongoing assessments (as assigned by the RN) on the following:  nutrition, pharmacy, plan of care, infection control, medical history, level of care certification, nursing care reports, medication, laboratory values and psychosocial issues.  Possesses the nursing knowledge and experience in working with persons with developmental disabilities.  Able to present a professional image to the agency staff, general public and to the medical community.  Must be willing to work or be on call flexible hours, potentially including days, evenings, weekends and nights.  Self-motivated, self directed, and organized.


Current nursing licensure in South Dakota.  Valid driver's license.

Essential Functions:

Able to use the following:
 1. Computer
 2. Telephone
 3. Typewriter
 4. Copy Machine
 5. Van with wheelchair lift
 6. Mechanical lifts
 7. Fax
 8. Various health-monitoring equipment (Glucose monitoring devices, blood pressure
     and temperature monitoring devices, otoscope, stethoscope, pulse oximetry, nebulizer,
     G-tube feeding pump devices, etc.)
 9. Scales
10.  E-Mail

May, in the completion of the daily duties, come into contact with blood or body fluids containing blood; therefore, would be eligible, under BHW policy, to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine series.


 1. Works under direct and indirect supervision of the RN.  
 2. Supervises nursing office responsibilities when the RN is absent.
 3. Supervises health-related activity in the residential setting.
  a. Reviews medication administration and medication storage in residential units
      when evening nurse is not available.
  b. Provides information and assists team in developing programs to enhance an
      individual's community integration.
  c. Provides training and consultation to non-medical personnel.
 4. Supervises Infection Control Program for the agency, maintaining logs and making
     recommendations as required to assure high standards of safety.
 1.  Confirms upcoming appointments and refers to HAC
     (Health Appointment Coordinator) to schedule.
 2. Schedules, transports and attends those appointments requiring a nurse to attend.
 3.  Checks data sheets for accuracy prior to appointments.
 4. Reviews completed data sheets and implements recommendations into IHP.
 5. Refers completed appointment sheets to Medical Secretary for input into computer 
     record and filing.
 1. Maintains current record of all health-related appointments on each individual in his/her
     caseload in a nursing medical file.
 2. Reviews all completed medication grids and assures that they are completed correctly.
 3. Accepts and documents physician telephone orders and obtains physician's signature
    ASAP via mail.
 4. Documents medication, dietary, treatment and all health-related orders and assures that
    the individual, staff, and parents or other caregivers are aware of new or
    changed interventions.
 1. Administers noon medication and PRN Medications.
 2. Performs and documents health-related treatments such as blood sugar monitoring, 
    dressing changes, vital signs, etc. as assigned.
 3. Administers first aid or referral for first aid as necessary.
 4. Performs TB mantoux skin testing to staff and people served as required.
 5. Performs IM injections for staff per BHW policy, and for people served as required per certified medical 
     professional orders.
 1. Functions as a member of the IDT (interdisciplinary team) for all individuals who have any medical concerns 
     (including use of Behavior Intervention Plans or psychotropic medication), attending annual and special 
   a. Presents a review of all health-related appointments of the last year, as well as new concerns.
   b. Prepares objectives to improve or maintain the health status of the individual.
 2. Acts as a nursing consultant when requested by the IDT in interpreting medical questions.
 3. Communicates with team members all aspects of health-related care.
 4. Acts as a nursing consultant and educator to residential and prevocational instructors,
    Service Coordinators, and others as requested.
 5. Coordinates and schedules ancillary medical-related staff visits (Physician Assistant,
     neurology clinics, OT, PT, etc.).
 6. Maintains strict confidentiality of health information.
 7. Serves on special project committees as requested.
 8.  Performs other duties as assigned.
 1.  Provides staff training to assure health needs of persons served are met.
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